The perfect gift for any vegan in your life, our range of vegan gift hampers include great-tasting vegan-friendly products made with high-quality ingredients. From indulgent hampers filled with heavenly vegan chocolates and sweet treats to nutritious hampers packed full of delicious and healthy snacks, here at The Veganic Store, we have something to suit every taste and budget. You can also explore further and make your very own hamper, filling it with exactly what you, a friend or a family member would want. In this blog post, we share some of our favourite vegan hampers that make a perfect present.

'Little Box Of Treats' Vegan Hamper

Sometimes a little treat or pick-me-up is all someone needs, and this vegan 'Little Box of Treats' is the perfect option. We've selected a small selection of the best vegan treats for someone to enjoy, making it the perfect gift for one!

Vegan Wine & Luxury Treats Hamper

There's nothing better than sitting back at the end of a long week with a glass of wine and some delicious goodies to go with it. That's where our Vegan Wine & Luxury Treats Hamper comes in - it's the perfect gift for that relaxation period we all need.

Vegan Cheese & Savouries Hamper

Delicious cheese and fantastic savouries make for one of the best snacks around, and this hamper combines both. A great little gift for any fan of cheese, they can enjoy it for a light lunch or afternoon tea.

Vegan Cheese & Ale Hamper

Good cheese, good beer, and some good snacks to go with it - that's what this vegan hamper is all about. A great gift for any special occasion, this cheese and ale hamper is guaranteed to be appreciated.

Vegan Luxury Cream Tea Hamper

Indulge in a vibrant vegan treat with our Luxury Cream Tea Hamper. Bursting with delicious plant-based products, this is a must-have for anyone with a specialist diet looking to taste the traditional cream tea experience.

Vegan Cream Tea with Prosecco Hamper

The Vegan Cream Tea with Prosecco Hamper is a delicious all-natural treat with a sparkling twist. It comes filled with everything you need to create the perfect cream tea experience from the comfort of your home. 

'The Nutty Buttery' Box

Nuts - the perfect source of energy, healthy fats and deliciousness, and this box is dedicated to them! We've put together some delicious nutty treats for you to enjoy, and it makes the perfect gift for any vegan you know.

Health & Vitality Hamper

Become a picture of health with this fantastic 'Health & Vitality Hamper', packed full of delicious and healthy snacks to keep you going all day. Each item offers the perfect mix of flavour and nutrition, ensuring you can treat yourself without feeling guilty.

Luxury 'Ultimate Vegan' Hamper

If you're looking for the ultimate vegan hamper, then you have come to the right place! This gift box is packed full of delicious vegan goodies, from a bottle of fizz to sweet treats and healthy snacks to choccy essentials. It's the perfect gift for any special occasion.

Vegan Cider & Snacks Hamper

Kick back with the Vegan Cider & Snacks Hamper, filled with savoury treats and splendid ciders we know you'll love. Perfect for anyone who wants to relax with a selection of all-natural and completely vegan treats. 

You can browse our entire range of vegan hampers here.

Post By Rosie