Treat your vegan friend this Christmas to one of our brilliant gift hampers. Full of a selection of irresistible vegan-friendly treats, all of our hampers are great for sharing with friends and family during the festive season. They also make a great luxury gift for that friend who follows a vegan lifestyle. In this blog post, we share some of our favourite vegan hampers that are sure to be appreciated this Christmas.

The Ultimate Sweet Tooth Vegan Hamper

If you know someone who has a sweet tooth, this is the ultimate vegan hamper for them. Packed full of delicious, high-quality goodies that they're guaranteed to love, it's the perfect gift for any special occasion, especially Christmas!

Proper 'Ansome' Vegan Christmas Hamper

A perfect vegan treat for Christmas, this hamper is packed full of certified-vegan produce from Cornwall and slightly further afield. We've handpicked each item in this hamper, ensuring you'll be giving someone the most delicious gift possible!

Vegan 'Fruity Goodness' Box

The Vegan 'Fruity Goodness' Box is bursting with berries, filled with fruits and delicious nuts and packed with other healthy treats. Perfect for anyone who loves snacking but needs a new, natural and completely vegan-friendly alternative.  

Vegan Prosecco Christmas Treats Hamper

The perfect vegan-friendly Christmas gift, our Vegan Prosecco Christmas Treats Hamper comes with a full-size bottle of crisp and refreshing Proudly Vegan Prosecco. This vegan hamper also includes a selection of savoury vegan snacks and sweet treats that pair beautifully with a glass of prosecco.

Luxury 'Ultimate Vegan' Hamper

If you're looking for the ultimate vegan hamper, then you have come to the right place! This gift box is packed full of delicious vegan goodies, from a bottle of fizz to sweet treats and healthy snacks to choccy essentials. It's the perfect gift for any special occasion.

Festive Vegan Hamper

Our Festive Vegan Hamper comes with a brilliant selection of Cornish tipples. From a handcrafted gin made with pure Cornish spring water to a box of Cornish Smugglers Brew Tea Bags, there is something for everyone in this Christmas gift set. This vegan hamper also includes an assortment of savoury vegan snacks and sweet treats.

Vegan Wine & Luxury Treats Hamper

There's nothing better than sitting back at the end of a long week with a glass of wine and some delicious goodies to go with it. That's where our Vegan Wine & Luxury Treats Hamper comes in - it's the perfect gift for that relaxation period we all need.

You can browse our entire range of brilliant vegan gift boxes here.

Post By Rosie